Poetry Collaboration #2

In Collaboration with photographer Chuck Shotwell.


I met you in an avalanche,
At the after party, in a pile,
And despite the fact that you’re featureless
I was drawn, nonetheless, to your smile.

I knew that you, I’d never leave—
Well, I’m legless and I’m armless—
And along with you I’ve managed to cleave
To a life unharmed and harmless.

In the battle for survival
We’ve been the lucky five-star generals:
Animals eat vegetables
But don’t much care for minerals.

We’ve been here since there’s been a Here
Wherever here may be—
There’s not much point in keeping track
When there’s only you and me.

It’s pretty ho-hum, minus the hum—
I wish that I could gush more—
But face it: neither one of us
Is even a booger on Mount Rushmore.

But here’s the gist: no terrorists,
No politics, hunger or strife;
We’ve never warred as man-to-man
Or battled as husband and wife.

You’re by my side, and on my side,
An ally, not a rebel,
If I had eyes, I’d look up to you
As a rock, not merely a pebble.

We’re those two peas who share a pod
Although weightier, and podless.
Nature is the god that made us one;
To separate us would be godless.

So for decades, or centuries, or millennia
Our union has had no fissures—
Until just then, when I said
And you responded with

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