CHEP//Rerouting logistics

CHEP is the largest shipping pallet company in the world.


Far overshadowing its nearest competitor, CHEP had essentially become a monopoly—and it was acting like it.  Growing resentment of CHEP was sending their customers to a smaller pallet company, whose customer service far overshadowed CHEP’s.

Their distant rival was inching closer. CHEP was fully aware of the arrogance that had bubbled up within their organization and was polluting their reputation, and they sought our help in changing their personality, inside and out.


CHEP’s functional response to their image was to add many more logistics services to their offering, taking better care of their customers.

Inspired by this widespread overhaul of the market leader, our message announced the redirection of CHEP as a supply chain paradigm shift: The Supply Change.  

We introduced an inclusive voice for the brand that resonated internally and externally.

Initially framed as a U.S. market assignment, the global leader of CHEP was moved to establish The Supply Change as CHEP’s universal platform.